The BALANCED RIGTM is a self-tacking, free standing, balanced rig. This reduces the need for deck hardware as it is a self-contained sail frame. The rig is balanced, creating less load on the main sheet.

By using end plates at the top and the bottom of the rig, we have made the sail more efficient. The end plates guide wind over the powering part of the sail, increasing the sail’s efficiency and power. The low center of effort and the reduced height of the mast creates less heeling moment and reduces the need for deep draft and heavy ballast.

The engineering principles of the BALANCED RIGTM give you a mechanical advantage increasing sail control and ease of tacking. You can have all these advantages with a cost comparable to a custom rig. The ease in handling and fast tacking make it amazing.

The illustrations below show some of the many forms, from trapezoidal to rectangular and square. The design of the BALANCED RIGTM patent is so versatile that both performance and cruising sailors will find many applications